Timable Event

"one million years" - an art exh. about sea litter

time 21 Mar - 20 Apr (every Sun to Tue, Sat) 11am (7hr)

location 清山塾 》屯門屯富路清涼法苑

(free event)

⚓🗑 Sea Litter: An Archaeology Study from the Future

An initiative of Rolling Books for the love of nature. The public education program "Sea Litter: An Archaeology Study from the Future" looks at the sea litter issue from the perspective of "future archaeology", aiming to perceive a change in the attitude of the urban dwellers in terms of material use.

☝Part 1) We look at the impact of marine litter through a “future archaeology” study. We will study materials collected from marine litter cleanups and record the properties of each item through a set of visual dossiers, in order to question the purpose of these material usage.

one million years - an art exhibition about sea litter
[Artist: Miss FAT]

✌Part 2) We are proud to be working with a citizen artist Miss FAT for her visual art exhibition entitled "one million years - an art exhibition about sea litter", echoing to the program's connection to archaeology perspective. Marine debris items take "ages" to be decomposed. Compared to the actual usage time frame of these items, the decomposition rates seem to be "eternity". The artist is using the genre of church stain-glass art, a symbol of eternity, to represent the stories of the modern urban dwellers using daily items but ignorantly discarding them into the ocean, raising the sea litter issue through the language of art representation.
🎬The artist would also produce a DIY workshop video for the children staying at home at the time of school suspension. Children are encouraged to produce environmental-friendly artwork/tool from leftover materials at home. The finished artworks are invited to join the exhibition, showcasing how our next generations understand about the sea litter sad stories and how much they care about the future of the nature.

Date:21/3/2020- 20/4/2020
[opens on Mon, Tue, Sat, Sun only]
Exhibition Venue: 清山塾 Casphalt
Ching Leung Fat Yuen, Tuen Fu Road
(Near Siu Hong MTR, Tuen Mun)
Exhibition and Online Workshop:Miss FAT studio 肥娃藝術工作室

Sea Litter: An Archaeology Study from the Future
製作/Produced by: Rolling Books

環保基金 - 攜手護海洋II 「藍海守護者種子計劃」
ECF Sea Without Litter II - Blue Ocean Incubator

主辦Organized by:
WWF-Hong Kong

贊助Sponsored by:
Environment and Conservation Fund
Environmental Campaign Committee
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