Timable Event

"Out Of Darkness" Jonathan Thomson個展

time 7 - 29 Aug (every Tue to Sat) 11am (8hr)

location Karin Weber Gallery 》香港中環鴨巴甸街20號

(free event)

Check out our Artsy platform for an online exclusive exhibition by Jonathan Thomson with maquettes, neon art and limited edition prints. Jonathan’s practice engages with negative space of absence, beauty and light.

"Leonardo Da Vinci once observed that shadow is more powerful than light because it can entirely deprive bodies of their light whereas light can never entirely expel shadow from a body. For most of the history of art, artists have focused on those things which are illuminated by light. Jonathan Thomson’s Shadow Sculptures and Stencils are based on shadows as an absence of light. These works give the negative space of absence a palpable presence. They use darkness to illuminate truths about sensuality, human existence and beauty." says Jonathan Thomson.
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