Timable Event

"Queer as German Folk" Exhibition

time 20 Nov - 23 Dec 2020 (weekdays) 9am (11hr 30min)

time 21 Nov - 19 Dec 2020 (every Sat) 9:30am (8hr 30min)

location 香港歌德學院 歌德藝廊及黑盒子 》香港灣仔港灣道2號 香港藝術中心14/F

(free event)

“Queer as German Folk” tells the stories of LGBTQI* (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans-, queer and intersex) people fighting for visibility, recognition and equality over the past 50 years in both parts of Germany. It shows West-German gay movements as well as lesbian church groups in the GDR, the community of people of colour, feminist activists, trans* and intersex people, and the queer history in the GDR. More than 100 exhibits - photographs, posters, leaflets, underground fanzines, artworks and videos - convey the sound of fierce controversies, resistant actions, idiosyncratic performances and exuberant parties of the last 50 years of queer life in Germany.

The curators Birgit Bosold and Carina Klugbauer of Schwules Museum Berlin created a multifaceted, bold and colorful exhibition. And actually, they even go beyond pure Stonewall-narratives, showing perspectives and identities that tend to be too often overseen. The form of this exhibition really meets its content: like a spotlight pointing at various queer lives/ conflicts/ riots/ celebrations/ art happening simultaneously in different places, the visitor is invited to explore and to choose where to point the lights at, and how to draw the connecting lines.

The exhibition, created in the commemoration of the Stonewall riots in New York 50 years ago, is a collaboration of the Goethe-Institut New York, the Schwules Museum Berlin (“Gay Museum”) and the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung (“Federal Agency for Civic Education”) in Berlin. It has been touring extensively in the US and shown in various places in Germany and Europe.

The Hong Kong version of “Queer as German Folk” is conceived by artist, curator and writer Wong Ka Ying, responded by introducing Hong Kong queer information respectively. The exhibition is accompanied by a program of guided tours, talks and sharing sessions.
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