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"Reflection" 金光浩個展

time 8 Jul - 6 Aug (every Tue to Fri) 11am (6hr)

time 10 Jul - 8 Aug (every Sun, Sat) 11am (8hr)

location Gallery Jeeum 知音畫廊 》愉景灣北商場海澄湖畔路92號寫字樓一座LG-01室

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Gallery Jeeum 很高興展示韓國藝術家金光浩的近期作品。光、影、物是金的作品 中,三個相互交織的重要元素。藝術家認為,這三個元素之間的關係超出了「影」是 光和物體綜合創造出來的。影子是一種用於尋找自我的方法和工具,並為人類最根本 的問題尋找到答案:「我是誰?我是甚麼?」

金的創作主題一直忠於四賢者,也稱為四貴或四恩植物 — 梅、 蘭、菊、竹。這次的四賢者旁邊出現了一位多次出現的主題 –看似寧靜但在「發金」 的月亮。在他這最新的一組作品中,還有另一些將我們注意力轉移到其他物體上的作品主題,例如人體形象、屋子和形狀,其中一些圖案是重複和多層的。

每件作品都有一面鏡子作為背框,提供了另一種欣賞金的雕塑的方式。在視線水平上, 圖像看起來不是黑就是白的,只有從不同的角度看著反射在鏡子的影像時,才會看 到把雕塑再現的彩色版本。與藝術家平時大多的作品不同,這些作品都富有多種且明 亮的色彩,增添了一重現代感。金的雕塑再次將我們的目光帶離了雕塑的範圍,這 一次從多樣線條延伸到作品本身創造的鏡像。

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Gallery Jeeum is delighted to present Korean artist, Kim Kwang-Ho’s recent works in the upcoming show. Light, shadows, and objects are three important, intertwined elements in Kim’s works. The artist believes that the relationship between the three elements is beyond the fact that shadow is a combined creation of the existence of light and an object. Shadow is a methodological instrument to search for an ego and to find an answer to the most fundamental and essential question of human beings: “Who and what am I?”

Kim’s subject of focus has always been loyal to the Four Sagunja, also known as the four noble ones or four gracious plants – plum, orchid, chrysanthemum, and bamboo, this time with the recurring motif of a seemingly tranquil moon in a golden form on the other side. Along in the group of his most recent works are also pieces that shift our attention to other objects such as the human figure, houses, and shapes, some with repeated layers and patterns.

Each work is placed in front of a mirror as the back frame, offering an alternative way of appreciating Kim’s steel sculptures. On eye-level, the images appear to be either in black or white and only when you look into the reflection from a different angle would you see a coloured reproduction. The introduction of a myriad of bright colours added a contemporary touch to the pieces, different from the artist’s usual works. Once again, Kim’s sculptures invite the audience’s gaze to travel beyond the boundaries of line expressions, this time extended to the mirrored images created within the works.

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