Timable Event


time 16 - 17 Dec, 23 - 24 Dec 8pm (1hr 30min)

time 18 Dec (Sun), 25 Dec (Sun) 3pm (1hr 30min)

location Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre 》10 Salisbury Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon

fee: $280

【Unveiling the Rhapsody of Modern Arts
Evoking the Prowess of Asian Dance】

Brown, stems from wood and underlies all nature.
An earthy hue that signals breaths and movements of non-human, sending pulses
from the roots to the tips of the surreal, stirring the deepest sentiments.

As traditional Korean bows, drum beats, and electronic music entwine in slowly advancing momentum,
dancers swing and meander like flowing streams and floating clouds, in bursts of resilient energy.
Brace yourself for an epic duel – one between music and dance, the primordial and the modern.

Brown marks a refreshing collaboration between CCDC and Kim Jaeduk, Artistic Director of the Modern Table Contemporary Dance Company, since Jangdan in 2018. As choreographer and composer of this new creation, the famed artist once again pushes the performers to their limits with his signature choreographic language. Kim has been exploring various colour themes, from bright yellow that symbolises vitality, to brown that evokes nature, wood, and the earth. He seeks to render colours both visible and audible through a multisensory portrayal.

Choreography and Original Music: KIM Jaeduk
Rehearsal Master: Bruce WONG
Performance: Suyi HON, Felix KE, Natalie KO, Eric KWONG, Bobo LAI, Peggy LAM, Shirley LOK, Zelia TAN, Brian YAM*, Simpson YAU
Guest Performance: Ivan CHAN, Florence WOO
Lighting Design: Lawmanray
Costume Design: YEUNG Chin
Sound Design: Anthony YEUNG

* The Artistic Internship Scheme is supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council
public sale
20 Oct (Thu) 10am onward

1) 網上: http://www.urbtix.hk/
2) 流動應用程式: My URBTIX (Android 及 iOS版)
3) 電話: 2111-5999 (10am - 8pm)
4) 門市售票處地址: http://timable.com/blog/259367

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