Timable Event

"Red Girl" Skolyshev Vladimir (Sko1y) First Hong Kong Solo Exhibition

time 11 Jun - 9 Jul (every Tue to Sat) 11am (8hr)

location Nothing At All 》上環西街38號

(free event)

Founded by a group of art-loving collectors and curators, Nothing At All aims to discover and promote potential artists. To expanding the art scene in Hong Kong, they are bringing niche artists from all over the world, including Asia, North America, Europe or even Africa. Grodno-born artist Skolyshev Vladimir (also known as Sko1y), who taught himself without abundant resources, makes debut in Hong Kong. The artist’s style is extremely eye-catching, by using simple lines to show different kinds of emotions of his “Red Girl”, the artist brings his strong impression own world to all of the audience.

Speaking of “Red”, it is always symbolizing as a color of danger, fear, and anger, however, in the sense of Sko1y, red is simply beautiful and full of light. The red theme brings a totally remarkable experience to viewer. Skolyshev has established his own minimal artistic style from creating a black outline on a single-color fills red background. When the viewer pays close attention to the painting, it is not difficult to find that the colors on the canvas are subtly divided with a tensed visual impact, allowing one to enter this red world unconsciously.

It may look strange to find out some pencil marks on canvas, but these are traces of his work and it is instantly recognizable as being from the hand of Skolyshev. Although the main body of Sko1y's works is a smiling face, it does not feel monotonous and boring at all. Skolyshev's dedication to his craft shines through in his work, they are simple in form, harmonious in color and full of cartoonish details. These give the composition a particularly personal element and contain the emotions of the painter as well.

Each girl is a story. Each one is unique. They never repeat. They only have cheerful smile, with long, straight, black hair and white gloves. You may wonder who the girls are, more than a matter of aesthetics, they are the emotions of the painter, showing the pure beauty, boldness and sincerity of the girls and the primitive desire of human beings, which is ironic in the world of realism.

The girls sometimes hold an iPhone, sometimes wear a crown, sometimes work hard, and sometimes turn into a smiling vampire dripping with blood. No matter what the situation is expressed in the picture, the red hue can subtly add a relaxed vibe to the painting and give the viewer a feeling of courage and exhilaration, encouraging everyone to embrace different emotions. Like the girl, each of us is unique.

Apart from the paintings, Nothing At All has produced a unique red girl sculpture with a height of 1.8 meters for this exhibition. At the same time, two limited-edition sculptures of 75 pieces will be launched to add diversity to the remaining art space. The exhibitors who buy the paintings can get the right of first refusal.
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