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UNHEARD: Sound & Music Festival 聲音祭

time 30 Jul - 7 Aug (every Sun, Sat) noon (9hr)

location 香港逸東酒店 》香港佐敦彌敦道380號

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UNHEARD: Sound & Music Festival 聲音祭
July 30, 31st & August 6, 7th
Eaton HK
Eaton HK partners with Contemporary Musiking HK and dtby for a unique sound festival exploring the nature of sound and music from a distinctly Hong Kong perspective, and its impact on us through a series of performances, talks, screenings and workshops. For those who are curious to the nature of sound and music to those amongst us who may be seasoned musicians or sound artists, the festival spanning the length of two weekends is sure to have something for everyone.
Sound is always moving through us, around us, between us. From the ways in which we communicate, to the quotidian technologies we utilise, sound is constantly exercising its psychological and physical agency over us.
Every day, sounds from nature, urban landscapes, the home, and the office are cemented in our minds as default audio backgrounds: the whoosh of the wind, the drone of construction, the rumbling of the washing machine, the humming of the air-conditioner. Like music, these sounds have their own melodies, harmonies, rhythm, expression and texture. We do not need to understand music theory to be psychologically affected by these sounds; we have little choice but to surrender to it.
Sound, which includes both organized sound (music) and disordered sound (noise), is a language with no learning curve. The semantics of sound is a dichotomy: sound is wordless, so it cannot be translated easily, but while it is less effective at communicating literal meaning, it is perhaps more precise at communicating emotion. As we speak, sing and shout in our daily lives, we often forget that we are in the audience too.
Unheard is a festival that will examine not only the physical properties of sound, but also its command of our psychology: how expressive sound articulations like music can bring us together, how sound supports and manipulates moving image, how sound can both heal and disrupt, and how sound is felt as opposed to heard. The festival will also investigate the historical, social and cultural contexts of sound in our city: how musical styles like Cantopop have evolved with time and technology, and how the urban acoustics of Hong Kong interacts with its citizens’ physical and psychological wellbeing.
As we come together to celebrate the magic and mystery of sound and appreciate its role in our past, present and future, we hope that Unheard provokes critical reflection and kindles important dialog on our personal and collective relationships with this powerful force we call sound.
逸東酒店與 現在音樂Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong 和 dtby 將於7月尾合作舉辦一場獨特的聲音祭,舉行一系列的表演、講座、放映和工作坊,除探索聲音和音樂的本質及功能,同時討論我城不同聲音對我們身心的影響。
聲音如何將不同的群組團結在一起?音響與電影的關係是什麽?聲音如何為一個畫面或事件的意義作出補充或破壞?Unheard 聲音祭將探討香港音樂的歷史、社會和文化背景,講述本地廣東歌的發展,還深入考究香港的城市聲景與我們身心健康的關係。
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