Timable Event

time 18 - 19 Feb 2pm (2hr 30min)

location 大館 檢閲廣場 》香港中環荷李活道10號

(free event)

#CommunityTheatre #Adrift #DevisedTheatre #TheatreAnthropology

flight of fishes looks at the meaning of “community” through a sardine-eyed lens. how authentic are its choices when a sardine is inseparable from its school? is there really strength in numbers, or does mob rule reign supreme? sink or swim? one may peel away from the crowd, yet the food chain eventually claims everyone.

in 2019, zhong xianglin began developing a community theatre project that incorporates methods pioneered by odin teatret. character creation is done in groups, while participants cement their individuality through self-expression.

for flight of [email protected], an ensemble of about 60 community participants, led by five local teachers-artists, stewed in collective creativity to craft a thalassic allegory that is as honest as it is poignant. in particular, zhong teamed up with italian dramaturg fabrizio massini, and chilean artist carolina pizarro from odin teatret, to devise workshops that combine physical, musical and verbal improvisations.

flight of [email protected]
2:30 pm
parade ground
duration: approx. 2 hours*
* in four (4) parts, each approx. 25 mins

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creative /production team
concept / direction:zhong xianglin (guangzhou)
dramaturg:fabrizio massini (italy)
rehearsal consultant:carolina pizarro (chile)
assistant director:mily (guangzhou)
set and costume:mable wun chun-sze (hong kong)
original music:chen renming (guangzhou),xu xiaoyun (guangzhou)
stage manager:chiu hung-chun (taipei)
production assistant:ren yanfei (guangzhou)
administrator:liang ying (guangzhou)

local facilitators:
cindy cheung ka-wai (hongkong)
eric lam yiu-hung (hongkong)
alysa leung hoi-yee (hongkong)
sam mak ho-tin (hongkong)
ginny tam man-ching (hongkong)

flight of [email protected] is a new hong kong arts festival commission
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