Timable Event

A Tale of Two Cities: Youth Art Exhibition

time 20 Jan - 24 Feb (weekdays) 10am (9hr)

location 香港天趣當代藝術館 》香港荃灣美環街一號時貿中心21樓1-6室

(free event)

Art of Nature specially presents A Tale of Two Cities–Youth Art Exhibition at Art of Nature Contemporary Gallery on January 20, 2023. The opening night will be held on the same day, and the exhibition will be on view until February 24, 2023. The exhibition aims to provoke and present the dialogue between the ten artists encountering similar or different difficulties and doubts in their respective cultures, from Hong Kong and Japan. We hope to gaze and pay attention to the feelings of a generation and the meaning of two cities in a cohesive way, regarding the artists' own forms of narrative as feedback on urban life and culture, as well as a proposal to deal with everyday anxiety.

A Tale of Two Cities is not only about "Hong Kong" and "Japan", but also represents concepts closely related to urban ecology and living conditions, such as history and future, demolition and construction, full and blank, reality and fantasy, anxiety and healing, etc. These opposing states are constantly confronted and entangled in the progression of cities and the psychological state of its people. Meanwhile, they subtly guide and inspire the artist's creation, in which they explore the triple intercross relationship between self, others, and the city. As witnesses or anchors of the city, they observe, understand, contemplate, and finally fill the gaps between these opposites through art itself by reproducing the memories and texture of the city that has been emptied and erased, and looking directly at the indescribable sense of loneliness. The exhibition hopes to heal the souls that need to be understood and comforted with the association of and profound feelings for urban life. Through artistic expression, the separation will be reunited.
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