Timable Seminar

Events 1 - 2

人權沙龍「黃色經濟圈: 以消費逆權?」

7 Feb (Fri) 7:30pm (2hr)

@ 塔冷通心靈書舍

「我們每一次的消費都在為我們想要的世界投下一票。」——美國著名作家及教育家 Anna Lappé 捍衛人權同公義唔係下下都要「Over my dead body」嘅,日常中原來用「錢」都可以!多年來「紅色資...

Meet the Arts Leaders

24 Feb (Mon) 7:30pm (1hr 30min)

@ H6 CONET, The Center

*Due to the public event, the event held on 24 Feb will be cancelled. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. HKAAA invites outst