Timable Event

"CARTIER AND WOMEN" Special Exhibition

time 14 Apr - 12 Aug (every Fri, Sat) 10am (10hr)

time 16 Apr - 14 Aug (every Sun, Mon, Wed, Thu) 10am (8hr)

location 香港故宮文化博物館 展廳8 》九龍西九文化區博物館道8號

fee: $120

(Head ornament|Cartier New York, about 1924|Platinum, white and pink gold, diamonds, and feathers|Cartier Collection, HO 34 C24)

“Cartier and Women” is the first major exhibition that foregrounds women’s role and presence in the history of Cartier. Featuring about three hundred stunning items of Cartier jewellery, timepieces, precious objects, and archival records from the nineteenth century to the present day, the exhibition celebrates women’s lifestyles, creativity, and influence. Through these exquisite works and fascinating stories, the exhibition’s four thematic sections explore the close relationship between women, jewellery, and fashion.

(Chinese Vanity Case|Cartier Paris, 1928|Gold, platinum, mother-of-pearl, coral, sapphires, turquoises, onyx, aventurine, jade, emeralds, diamonds, and black enamel|Cartier Collection, VC 72 A28)

(Bib necklace|Cartier Paris, 1947|Gold, platinum, diamonds, amethyst, and turquoise|Special order|Cartier Collection, NE 09 A47|Provenance: Duchess of Windsor (1896–1986))

(Chimera bangle|Cartier Paris, 1954|Platinum, white gold, diamonds, and coral|Special order|Cartier Collection, BT 26 A54)

This exhibition also highlights the profound impact of art from China and other parts of the world on Cartier, a testament to the Museum’s mission to facilitate dialogue among world civilisations.

This exhibition is organised by the Hong Kong Palace Museum with the support of Cartier. The loans are generously provided by the Cartier Collection and other collectors and collections.
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