Timable Event

"Dazzling Bloom" Jonas Ng Solo Exhibition

time 27 Mar - 23 Apr 9:30am (8hr 30min)

location Beyond Coffee & Bar 》銅鑼灣耀華街21號華耀商業大廈地下8號舖

(free event)

"Dazzling Bloom" is a solo exhibition featuring the works of artist Jonas, which celebrates the beauty and resilience of the human experience through the depiction of flowers and women. Each painting tells a unique story of growth, transformation, and hope, using bold colors and dynamic strokes to create a sense of energy and movement. Jonas's use of Fauvism and Expressionism adds depth and emotion to her work, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the stories being told.

From the doubts and uncertainties of life to the joy and celebration of new beginnings, each painting captures a different aspect of the human experience, with a focus on the complexity of women's emotions and experiences. The exhibition is a tribute to the transformative power of art, showcasing the beauty and resilience that lies within each of us.

"Dazzling Bloom" is a must-see for art lovers and anyone who seeks inspiration and hope in the midst of life's challenges.

Colorful blessings | Oil on canvas | 40x50 cm | 2023

Blooming fantasia | Oil on canvas | 50x40 cm | 2023

Celebrate you | Oil on canvas | 30x40 cm | 2023

Reconnecting joy | Oil on canvas | 50x40 cm | 2023

The beauty of perseverance | Oil on canvas | 40x50 cm | 2023

What's out there | Oil on canvas | 40x50 cm | 2023

A resilient smile | Oil on canvas | 50x60 cm | 2023

Artist Biography
Jonas is an artist whose distinctive style features boldly coloured women's faces rendered in oil. Influenced by Fauvism and Expressionism, her vibrant work is deeply emotional and impactful. Despite pursuing various career paths, including nursing, business and makeup, Jonas eventually realized that painting was her true calling.

Her art focuses on the complex emotions that women experience while dealing with various issues in life.

Jonas has been recognised for her exceptional work, winning Biafarin Prize and Biafarin Award and receiving Honorable Mention, Artistic Excellence, and Finalist Awards from various international art competitions. Her art has been exhibited in several countries worldwide, including Hong Kong, the USA, Canada, the UK, Italy, and Sweden. She also published her first picture book "Sketching Dreams."

Jonas holds an Advanced Diploma in Fine Arts (Merit) from CUSCS and a Diploma in Photographic and Fashion Makeup from CIBTAC in the United Kingdom.

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