Timable 事件

"Evolution" Exhibition

时间 10月11日-23日 (除日外) 上午10时 (8小时30分钟)

地点 A.R.T. Club 》1/F, 17-19 Yik Yam Street, Happy Valley


Art Roof Top is pleased to present "Evolution" by Art Roof Top Chief artist Sergei Rozhnov, which will be held from October 11th - 23rd 2021.

Born in 1978, Sergei Rozhnov is a Russian Hong Kong-based artist. Classically trained at one of the most prestigious art academies in the world, the St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts named after Repin, his works are collected around the world by museums and private collectors. He has an established reputation as an excellent classical painter with solid academic knowledge, yet with his own very unique style.

Sergei’s newest collection, The Metamorphosis, is inspired by evolution and transformation of human life. He blended the two unconventional mediums, silicone and ink, in a fluid and lively manner, thereby communicating the irreversible integration of technology in modern society. In the exhibition “Evolution”, Sergei would like to showcase his evolution of art creations after the explorations and experiments he did over the years of his art journey.

「侏罗纪X恐龙乐园」互动展览 香港站

12月20日-2022年1月13日 (逢一至四) 上午11时 (7小时30分钟)

@ Portal 6311

【11月限时优惠:选用优惠代码每单即减HK$11】 于2021年11月30日或之前预订《侏罗纪×恐龙乐园》展览门票,选用优惠代码【NOV11】即可享每单减HK$11优惠!优惠代码名额有限,用完即止,立即...

"10 Asian Designers to Watch 2021" 时装展览 @FASHION ASIA HONG KONG 2021

12月1日 上午11时 - 12月6日 下午8时 (5日9小时)

@ Pacific House 太平行

10 ASIAN DESIGNERS TO WATCH 2021 是由一众时尚界领袖挑选出十位最值得期待的新锐亚洲杰出设计新星,呈现他们最独特的优秀时装作品。通过策划时装作品展览,借以赞扬新一代设计人才在创新、创...


11月6日-12月4日 (逢二至六) 上午10时 (9小时)

@ a.m. space